Pattie throwing rules

How far can your throw a pattie?? Never tried? Well now’s your chance! Aspiring throwers can take part in the first ever pattie throwing tournament.

The pattie throwing contest will be happening from May through until September at venues right across the city of Hull, east and west.

Pattie throwing area - by Tony Devonshire
Click to enlarge

Throwers will aim to throw a wooden substitute pattie as far as they can within a marked out field area. For each turn, the thrower will be given 3 wooden substitute patties weight 100 grams each. The longest of the three throws will be measured and recorded. The best throwers from each round will be invited to the grand final.

The first round wil take place on Sunday 7th May at Pickering Road Community Orchard as part of their May Day celebration. The orchard will be open from 12noon.

A grand final of the pattie throwing tournament in expected, where we hope we will be able to set a world record! To find out more, to take part or to enquire about hosting a round, please contact Tony Devonshire at





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